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Venice Cruise Port Area Marittima and San Basilio in Venice City Area – Terminals – Maps & Information

A lot of Guests / Tourists come in Venice (here in Italy) with the Cruise Ships and the Main Area of the Port of Venice for the biggest Cruise Ships is called MARITTIMA. There is also a secondary Area usually employed for the Small / Medium Cruise Ships called SAN BASILIO. Both Port Areas are located at the beginning of City of Venice. As you can see on the Map reported on our Site/Blog most of the Terminals are inside the Marittima Port Area. The shape of this Area is like a Big “U”, in the central area of this “U” there is the terminal number 103. The other Main Terminals are the numbers 107, 108, 109, 110, 117 and 123. Then there are other two Terminal at the end of the Port called ISONZO 1 and ISONZO 2.

The two images reported here are also pubblished on the Web Site of the Port (see also Venezia Terminal Passeggeri VTP Port Site).

One common question about the Cruise Port of Venice (Marittima or San Basilio) is how to reach this place from Venice City Center or from the Rail Station Santa Lucia (always in Venice City) or from Piazzale Roma. For these answers we have to explain some information… Basically the Marittima Port Area is reachable within walking distance coming from Piazzale Roma. In anyhow this solution is not the best expectially if you have with you your large and heavy luggage. You can also to consider to walk from Venice Piazzale Roma to the Port (Marittima) but this option could be suggested for young people. In Time you will spend about 15/20 minutes. The second option, always from Piazzale Roma is catching the New Public Service called “People Mover“. This little Monorail Train links Venice Piazzale Roma with the Marittima Area (just outside all the Terminals) and with the Tronchetto Area.

For this Cable Car, as indicated in the Web Site of ACTV AVM SPA (that “Flies”) we suggest to visit the Main Original Web Site of the same company ACTV AVM SPA. Here the Link “People Mover”.

An other option, but this is not always available, is catching the Shuttle Service provided by the Cruise Companies during the Main Season. Usually the different Cruise Companies offer to the Guests / Travellers this service from Venice Piazzale Roma to the Marittima Area and Vice-Versa.

Of course you can also catch the first standard Land Taxi vehicle available in Piazzale Roma or at the Terminal for reaching your destionation. Usually these vehicles, Fully Licensed as White Taxi have different signs on each site of the car and the Main Top white Sign “Taxi” on them.

The final and Best option is the Limousine Service, you can pre-book (so in advance) your service and usually the Limousine Drivers wait the Guests at the beginning of the Square (in Piazzale Roma), close to the coeque of White Taxi Vehicles with the Sign/Board with the names of the Guests/Clients.

You know that with the Limousine Service (in Italian Language “SERVIZIO NCC – Noleggio con Conducente”) you can really decide which vehicle is better for your Travel needs, for example if you and your Party/Family Group are in 6 Passengers with 8/10 pieces of luggage you can book a Large & Comfortable SUV/MINIVAN for this short transfer, or a MINIBUS. The price is very similar with the White Taxi Vehicle but you will travel in style and No Stress.


Until now we have indicated solution for the Guests that are in Venice Piazzale Roma. For the other Travellers coming from the Center of Venice (like Rialto/San Marco/Accademia) we suggest to use one Private Water Taxi Boat to reach Piazzale Roma and then travel with our Luxury Vehicles to your correct Terminal at the Port (in Marittima or in San Basilio Area). The combination of the two services (Water Taxi Boat and Luxury Land Vehicle) is the perfect solution for your Travel. We say this because we know that is possible also to travel directly with the Water Taxi Boats to the Port but you will reach the Main Area located in front of the Terminal Number 103. Then, from this dock point you have to walk with your Luggage to the correct Terminal employed by your Cruise Ship. It could be possible that your Terminal is the final one, the Isonzo for example (for MSC Cruise Ships…) so you have to walk with all your bags for at least 5/10 minutes in order to reach the Luggage Area and then the CheckIn Area.


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