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Venice Piazzale Roma…. the main Stop / Bus Point coming in Venice City from the mainland…

Piazzale Roma in Venice City is the final stop for all the vehicles coming the Mainland. It’s for this reason that we would explain some information about this “Square”. As you can see on the Main Map taken from there is a long way bridge that connects Venice with the mainland, this long bridge is now called “Ponte della Libertà”, or in English “Liberty Bridge”…

This Bridge is very long, about 3.850 meters, more or less. If you have the interest to read more infos about this bridge, Ponte della Libertà… check this link:

Venice Liberty Bridge the only way to reach Venice from the Mainland by cars in Italy

Piazzale Roma (or Roma Square) is a large square in Venice where you and your Guests can find Local Busses, Local White Taxis, the New Tram Service, some bars and hotels, and some Parking Garages.

Usually the Limousine Companies like us park their cars just at the end of the square where is possible to find some parking lines. So for giving our Best Services to the Guests / Clients also coming from the Airport of Venice (VCE Marco Polo Airport) or from Treviso Airport we provide the complete transfer that includes first the land vehicle (the Luxury Sedan or MiniVan/Minibus) and then the Private Water Taxi Boat Service from this spot to their final destionation inside the Center of Venice.

We know that is possible also to travel directly from Marco Polo Airport (from the Darsena of the Airport) to Venice City Center by Water Taxi Boat or Water Bus Service but the Clients/Guests have to be adviced that they have to accross the whole Airport Area for reaching the Dersena. Now inside the Airport of Venice is present a new connection with some tapirulans, but in time they have to spend about 10 minutes of transfer to reach this Area. Furthermore the connection is located from the first floor up.

We really suggest to our Guests to book our complete service (through Piazzale Roma), our Staff will wait & meet the Clients inside the Arrival Hall at the Airport with a Sign/Board with their names printed on it. Our Limousine Driver (Fully Licensed / English Speaking) will assist the Guests with their luggage in order to reach the Parking slot area where our Luxury Vehicle (NCC Limousine Vehicle) will be ready for the first part of the private transfer. The Chauffeur, Very Professional, will provide to the Guests different information about the transfer service and the City of Venice. He will drive in comfort you and your Family to Piazzale Roma where he will park the Luxury Vehicle and will assist you and your Guests with your luggage to meet our Luxury Water Taxi Boat Fully Licensed. Then you and your Family Party will be embarked on our Luxury Boat in order to reach the final destination inside Venice City.

In time, the service will take about 40/50 minutes in totally, 20/25 Minutes in the mainland and 20/25 Minutes inside the Center of Venice. These times are calculated for standard conditions of traffic on the route.

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