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Venice Water Taxi Boats Transfer Service or Pubblic Water Bus Service named Vaporetto for your Transfer???

Do you know the difference? Do you prefer to travel in Venice City Area with a Private Water Taxi Boat or with the Pubblic Service Water Bus Boat called Vaporetto?

Personally we think that the answer is very simple. The Best is the first choice, the Water Taxi Boat Service. Why? It’s a Private Service, more direct, more comfortable, more panoramic…

Usually the Private Water Taxi Boats are very comfortable… are suggested for maximum 8 Passengers with luggage (max. 12/15 bags)….

The Boats have three different Areas for the Guests and for the Pilot. Two Areas are uncovered and the main central Internal Area is covered. The back side of the Boats has a sunroof that during the Winter Time is closed in order to offer to the Guests / Clients more space for their travel and in order to cover better the Boat.

The Luxury Water Taxi Boats are Wood covered, expectially on the top. Inside are very comfortable with two / three big sofa (leather interiors).

The shapes of these Boats is studied for sail the whole city also with low tide or high tide conditions. As we think you now in Venice City there are different levels of the Water during the day and during the seasons. For these reasons the Water Taxi Boats have to meet the travel needs of the Guests in different conditions.

For the Guests that are interessed in check the level of the tide in Venice City we report the link to “Centro Previsioni Segnalazioni Maree del Comune di Venezia“.


In any way don’t worry, we will check for you (for our Guests & Travellers) if your Water Taxi Boat can really reach your final destionation inside the City of Venice. Usually the Pilot of the Private Water Taxi Boat will know day per day the correct condition of the tide level in Venice. ;-)…


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