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Why choice Venice Blue Limousine Company in Italy for your Travels….?

There are many answers for this question…. because we are Italians and we work very hard to create unique experiences for our Guests that would like to discover the real Area of Venice and the Region of Veneto.

We know that there are a lot Limousine Companies located in Venice and in its Area and inside our Region (Veneto Regione) but we really know also how they work. Most of them are Big or Medium Company and they have to manage a lot of services every day so they don’t have enough time to really understand what you are looking for. Ok for a single simple transfer Point-to-Pint No Problem… but if you and your Guests are looking for something of special we could be the right solution for your Travel needs.

We know also that the Price could be important, but the price can really meet your expectation? Sometime the Price is just the first meeting point, but over this first connection you have to find the correct partner for your experiences in Italy. We know our land and our Islands (Venice expectially) so we can really provide one of the Best Service in our Area meeting your needs and your budget at the same time.

Venice is not a easy location, it’s on the Water, with different Canals, Boats, Hotels, Palaces, Apartments… every destionations inside this Island have different dock points so if you and your Guests don’t know the place that you have booked in advance you don’t know how really reach your final destination. Our Mission is to help the Guests and the Visitors to reach in style and comfort their location, with No Stress…

One of the biggest Stress in Venice City is to walk with your Luggage and at the same time to accross the Bridges that are the linked ways of our City. We really know this problem, expectially if you and your Guests are travelling with different bags (usually one heavy and very big and one medium / soft per each person), so the Best way in order to reach your final destination is find the correct dock point reachable with the Water Taxi Boats or with the Pubblic Service called Vaporetto (the Water Bus).

Yes…, because some places in Venice City are really reachable with the Boats but some other places Not.

Also for this reasons we suggest to our Guests / Clients to send us an Email or Contact our Staff by Telephone call in order to check with Professional Team which is your final destination, where is located, how many meters you have to walk in order to arrive in front of your Hotel…/Apartment…

If you have to walk just for some meters with all your staff of luggage, Ok, it’s possible and it could be hard but not to much…. but if you have to reach a point, really internal in the City and the Water Taxi Boat will leave you in a point that is really far away from your Hotel… this is a different situation…

We will take care of you and of your Guests… All the Time! It’s a Promise.

Yes, it’s real, we will help you all the time with your different situations, we will check for you your location, your hotel or apartment and we will provide to you and your Guests / Family Group the Best Solution for your Travel needs. Also if some of you need a special transfer service, like for wheelchair or short walking distance. We can also provide a Professional Assistant/Tour Leader for your Complete transfer service. He/She will assist you and your Guests for the whole service, from the meeting place (for example from the Airport, from the Port Cruise Terminal or from your first location) to your final destionation inside or outside Venice City Area.

We are Fully Licensed…. Luxury Cars / Minivans / Minibusses & Water Taxi Boats & Assistants / Tour Guides… the Main Staff Venice Blue Limousine…

We know the rules… in Italy and Europe there are different rules … and we are Fully Licensed in order to offer the Best complete service inside our Country.

  • Our Staff is Fully Licensed, Professional Assistants & Tour Guides.
  • NCC & Limousine Vehicles in complete performances and conditions for your Transfer & Disposal Services.
  • Water Taxi Boats Fully Licensed in order to operate with No Restrictions inside Venice and its Lagoon.
  • Private Boats and Bragozzi Venetian Boats Fully Licensed for sailing our Magic City.
  • Porter Services Fully Licensed, for completing your demand of services inside Venice.



We are Always (and Always) and your Complete disposal. Feel free to contact our Staff all the Time! 😉 ….. the Staff Venice Blue Limousine Company.



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